Chiaroscuro responds to NARAL ads supporting Sen. Kennedy

Contact:  Bill O’Reilly | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Last week, radio ads run by the Chiaroscuro Group encouraged constituents to tell Senator Kennedy that 8- and 9-month abortions were not progressive, but unthinkable. (Chiaroscuro radio ads “I am” and “Calling Out Tim Kennedy” can be found here and here, respectively).
NARAL responded to the provocative radio ads this week by running Buffalo-area TV ads in support of the senator. (The NARAL ad can be viewed here).

Chiaroscuro Group president, Greg Pfundstein, responds:
“NARAL has been working in New York since its founding in 1968. The law NARAL introduced in 1970, which was passed by the Senate, legalized abortion with absolutely no restrictions until birth. Fortunately the Assembly modified the law before passing it to restrict abortion after 24 weeks. NARAL has been trying to finish the job ever since, despite the overwhelming opinion of New Yorkers who oppose late term abortion (poll data here). NARAL and Tim Kennedy both know passing Cuomo’s abortion expansion act will expand late term abortion in New York.
“What is unconscionable is that NARAL actually left the Women’s Equality Coalition last year to focus on abortion expansion. NARAL is actively working to prevent the passage of the nine sensible provisions protecting women, which they see merely as a means to an end to expand late term abortion in New York State.
“NARAL’s actions with respect to the Women’s Equality Act have been despicable and Senator Tim Kennedy should be ashamed to be associated with an organization that holds so cheap the notion of women’s equality.”